About Post Codes in Mauritius

MauritiusPostCode.com aims to provide a user-friendly online directory of postcodes for reference by the public in general.

The postcode project was implemented on a pilot basis, from January to March 2012, at Lallmatie, Bon Accueil and Brisée Verdière by the Mauritius Post. The replication of the postcode was subsequently effected in other localities across the island. The project went nationwide on 15 August 2014.

Post codes in Mauritius consist of five digits whereas for Rodrigues and Agaléga, it consists of a letter and four digits . The postcode is added after the name of the town or village, as follows:

Mr Kevin Veerapen
21, Boundary Road
Phoenix 73621

The first digit of the code indicates the District Code i.e.
  1  for  Port Louis
  2  for  Pamplemousses
  3  for  Rivière du Rempart
  4  for  Flacq
  5  for  Grand Port
  6  for  Savanne
  7  for  Plaines Wilhems
  8  for  Moka
  9  for  Rivière Noire
 A  for  Agaléga
 R  for  Rodrigues

the second and third digits indicate Municipal or Village Council Area Code, while the fourth and fifth digits indicate the Sub-Locality Code.